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First, photography is my passion! I photograph mostly landscapes, nature, botanicals, oceans, nights, and whatever else lights my fire. I’ve traveled around the western and southern United States, Canada, Alaska, Mexico and beyond with by camera. I write a photo blog mostly about my travels and adventures.

My work has been shown and won awards in Sonoma, Napa and Marin Countries in California and in Portland and Otter Rock in Oregon.  


I take photographs and create images that reflect my interpretation of the beauty and wonderment I see and, through this website, share them with others. I am inspired by the majesty of our country, our incredible national and state parks, our lakes and rivers, forests, our trails and even the roses and irises in my neighbors’ yards.

Each location I visit with my camera (and the accompanying 20-pound backpack filled with gear) excites and challenges me to continually work on improving my technical and creative skills.   Even if I return home without that great image I had visualized, I’m sure I’m a better photographer than I was before I left and grateful for the opportunity to be out in nature.

When I see wildflowers barely a quarter of an inch in diameter, I want to get down on my knees with a magnifying glass (or macro lens) to see their tiny centers and delicate little leaves. When I look out over a vast scene where one can see for miles, I feel small and inconsequential, but always full of awe. The beauty and diversity of our country continually amazes me.


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Gail Berreman