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Pt. Bonita Lighthouse

Pt. Bonita Lighthouse

Welcome to GAIL BERREMAN PHOTOGRAPHY Blog. I know many of you were regular followers of Gail Miller Blog. I am pleased that you have joined me in my new adventure with Gail Berreman Photography Blog. I also know for many of you this is the first visit to my blogs. I am delighted to welcome you and hope you will come back often. You can read my pervious Gail Miller Blog here.




This inaugural blog will serve as an introduction and invitation. In upcoming blogs I will be relaying my adventures to:

  • Death Valley National Park and the astounding events getting there
  • Anza Borrego State Park where the expected was nowhere to be found and the unexpected abounded
  • Yosemite in the Winter —– without snow. A blessing in disguise?

Sand dunes in Death Valley.

In addition to my own blogs, I anticipate occasionally hosting guest bloggers who I believe you will find both interesting and motivating. I may even try my hand at writing tips and tutorials on such topics as

  • Five things YOU can do to improve your point & shoot photographs
  • Composition, Exposure, Aperture for the not-so-techie
  • HDR! What exactly is it and should you be using it?

Upcoming photo shoots, among others, include Yosemite (again!) and the Bristlecone Pines in the White Mountains (again!). There is now a Gail Berreman Photography Facebook Page. Please “like” my Facebook page as I need 30 “likes” to make it to Professional status on Facebook. I invite you to tour my new website, Gail Berreman Photography.¬†Both the Facebook Page and new website are works in progress. I have been fortunate to have the help of toniCarr Web Design. Toni is a fellow Rotarian, a friend and a great web designer. I encourage you to leave a comment either here on this Blog Page or on the Facebook Page. Or both if you are so inclined. ¬†Constructive feedback is an important element for anyone looking to improve her craft. And YOUR feedback is very much needed and desired. Again, welcome to Gail Berreman Photography Blog. Stay tuned!

Tulip Waiting To Unfurl Its Beauty

Tulip Waiting To Unfurl Its Beauty


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