My Picks for 2016


I hope everyone had a great 2016, happy holidays and is excited about the year ahead.  I know I am!

To start the year off, I want to showcase what I am calling “My Picks for 2016.”  These images are my picks for the year either because I simply love the image and/or location, or I love the story they tell.  So as you can see, this is not a very scientific selection.  But it is my selection and it was difficult to choose between some of my images – I felt like I was having to choose between my own children.

Criteria I set for myself were simple:  They all had to be taken in 2016 and tell a story.  Plus I had to believe they would appeal to the general public.  So here you go – I hope you enjoy My Picks for 2016.  


1 - 160303_SonomaMustrad_007-C(1) Resting Along Lakeville Road in Sonoma County 

 A tired and forgotten truck sits in a field along a busy byway.  Its days of pulling farm equipment, hauling lumber, chicken feed, and fence posts while working from sun up to sun down are over.  The old farm truck sits and watches all the commuters on their way to and from their jobs.  Ain’t retirement grand?


Dogwoods, Merced River and Pohono Bridge

(2)  Dogwoods, Merced River and Pohono Bridge

Yosemite in the springtime is a magical place with dogwood trees in full bloom, waterfalls and rivers running at their peak, smaller crowds and so much to photograph and admire.  Start planning your trip NOW!



3 - Yosemite-368-KeeffeII-2

(3)  Yosemite Falls and Reflections

Frank Sinatra sang about April in Paris which starred Doris Day and Ray Bolger in the movie of the same name. Well, I’ve never been to Paris so I can’t compare April in Paris to April in Yosemite, but I’m pretty sure Yosemite would come out on top in my book.  This past April I discovered a seasonal pond in Cook’s Meadow with reflections of both Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.


4 - 160803_MonoLake_183-A-2

(4)  Sunrise From Navy Beach

In August of last year, I visited Mono Lake and Lee Vining for a couple days on a solo photography trip.  The last morning before heading home, I ventured out to Navy Beach located a few miles away from the more popular and easier to access South Tufa Beach.  That particular morning, I experienced one of the most amazing sunrises I have ever seen or had the privilege to photograph – all without another photographer in sight.


5 - 160728_PoimtReyes_068-2

(5) Tomales Bay & Grass

Along the shoreline of Tomales Bay in Point Reyes National Seashore during high tide, the water level rises and covers the grasses that grow along the banks.  The early morning high tide created a soothing backdrop for the grasses and their reflections.




(6) SAD!

Many years ago, a fishing trawler called the S. S. Point Reyes became grounded behind the small town of Inverness located in the Point Reyes National Seashore. Over the years, it has become quite a draw for both tourist and photographers.  This past year, a fire caused additional damaged to the boat and many now think it will be demolished and removed as a safety precaution.  This just makes me SAD.



7 - 160827_Point Reyes_012-D

(7)  Derelict Dock and Reflections

Just west of the small town of Inverness, off the shore of the Tomales Bay lies the remains of what I believe was a boat dock.  On a cold, foggy morning, I found a place to sit and meditate (with my cup of coffee) for about half an hour while gazing out across the bay before capturing this image. 



8 - 161008_PointReyes_359

(8)  Sunrise at Limantour Beach

Limantour Beach is long and narrow nestled in-between Drakes Beach on one side and Santa Maria Beach and Sculptured Beach on the the other side.  In the winter, a multitude of shorebirds feed in the wetlands and along the beaches during the fall.  Looking out to the ocean, you might see harbor seals and even a gray whale or two with their calves not far from shore.  This particular morning, it was quiet and peaceful.  Just before the sun peaked over the horizon, a long exposure smoothed the waves and created a dreamy scene.



9 - 161007_PointReyes_334-Pano

(9)  Sunset along Limantour Beach

On this unusually warm October evening, the sunset provided a perfect ending to a spectacular day.  This panorama required six individual images blended into one.



10 - .160914Palouse-40-B

(10)  Moon over Red Barn and Farm Yard

The Palouse Area in eastern Washington is widely known for it beautiful rolling hills planted with wheat, barley, lentils, chick peas, and even a few grape vines.   This past September on my first trip to the area, I discovered many wonderful barns, homesteads, equipment sheds, BIG tractors pulling heavy plowing instruments and more.  The very first image I took of the full moon rising over the hills and behind this beautiful red barn and outbuildings is one of my favorite of the entire trip. 



11 - 160914Palouse-43 copy-3

(11)   Palouse Abstract

With the rising sun casting deep shadows, I visualized the scene before me as an abstract.  With just a little cropping and a little softening in post processing, an abstract was born.



12 - 160914Palouse-262- -2

12)  Cultivated Fields, Homesteads and Barns

These cultivated fields create a kaleidoscope of color, lines, and textures when viewed from the top of Steptoe Butte in Whitman County, Washington.



13 - 160914Palouse-200-3-3

(13)  Good Morning, America!  

Early one morning while photographing in the Palouse Area in Eastern Washington, I spied several stalks of wheat that had somehow escaped the harvest machine.  On this morning the sun had not yet reached the rest of the field which had been harvested just days before.  Within a couple of minutes, the sun had climbed higher and stolen the spotlight from these isolated wheat stalks and had lit up the entire field. 



14 - 161012_Bishop Creek Canyon_063

(14)  Fall Color and Finger of Fog

Along the Highway 395 corridor which runs north and south in the Eastern Sierra and just south of Lee Vining, June Lake Loop takes off making a long U-shaped path back to Highway 395 a few miles further south.  One morning in October, I explored this road looking for fall color.  When I spotted this scene literally along the side of the road, I immediately pulled off onto gravel and sand.  As I setup my camera and tripod, I smiled.  Beautiful trees and color!  The finger of fog added just the right touch and made my smile even wider. 



15 - 161014_EasternSierra_597

(15) Approaching Storm

Heading home after my photography adventure in the Eastern Sierra, I stopped along Highway 395, to capture this amazing scene.  The sun had risen just enough to light up the mountain peaks as the clouds and accompanying rain shower descended upon the area.

I truly hope you enjoyed My Picks for 2016 .  If you have one or two favorites you would like to share, please post either the number of the image or its title in the comment section of this blog or on my Facebook page.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2017.  And remember to: